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Graduating with a degree in photography and design, Scott went on to fall in love with the moving image. But it's his passion for people and their stories that have yielded his greatest achievements and joy.  To gain access into the heart of someone's story, will only come by their sense of trust.  And Scott is a genuine person, who naturally connects with people.  Add to this his diverse, relevant and always memorable directorial and shooting styles, and you have a "one of a kind" gem on your team.

Scott’s versatility, passion, work ethic and expertise give him the ability to work within most any production budget. He’s an idea generator with an infectious personality. Scott is a natural photographer, with an easy demeanor, making collaboration effortless.

You should put him on your next project. 


Want a little more backstory?

Scott cut his teeth shooting documentaries in some of the harshest places on earth and often under the most challenging circumstances. Covering stories of great human suffering, like a nationally-released documentary on the survivors of a devastating earthquake in Killari, India.  It was this and other early work that gave him a tremendous working knowledge of creating beautiful images through the molding of existing light, texture and color.

Since then, Scott has added to his repertoire the lensing of numerous documentaries, anthem films, brand pieces, shorts and commercial work. And has received a number of awards; most recently, an Emmy in Cinematography, for a short film on William Quantrill during the Civil War -- while also adding a number of ADDY's for his commercial work along the way.  Scott’s use of light, shadow, camera movement and lens choice, are stimulated by his passion for story, and all informed through his obsession of anthropology.